Week 5 Prompts


Here are the prompts for the 5th week of the ‘new’ Matinée Muse.
They are offered to inspire your creativity.

Perhaps you will write a poem, or a short story?
Maybe you’ll create a related artwork, or a photograph?

However you express yourself creatively, please create that expression, post it to your site, and link it here.


• • •

This week’s first Matinée Muse creativity prompt is:

“spirit of the underdog”

Inspired by the current animated film, ‘The Clone Wars’.


• • •

This week’s second Matinée Muse creativity prompt is:

“driven by obsession”

Inspired by the classic 1966 Michelangelo Antonioni film, ‘Blow Up’.


• • •

Please share with us your poem, short story, artwork, photograph — or whatever you’ve been inspired to create.

Express yourself!

NOTE: to learn more about the film, click on its poster




17 Responses to “Week 5 Prompts”

  1. Here’s one that slots awkwardly into both prompts – but may serve as a warning to either.


  2. a post which shows the limitless love of a father for his paraplegic son – contestants in the ironman triathlon, in which they both race. something that will undoubtedly bring a tear to your eye. A Father’s Love

  3. http://humbleopinion2.blogspot.com/2008/08/matinee-muse_15.html
    if you haven’t checked out the story rebecca is talking about, you gotta see it, I cried through the whole thing, beautiful!
    anyway, here’s my take 🙂

  4. You’ll find mine in this post:

    Rattler’s Tale #3


  5. I jus wrote this, and it absolutely doesnt fit the prompt… But i am sure it will ring a bell somewhere within you.. see, the spirit of the underdog??:)

  6. I really loved the second prompt from the movie “Blow Up”. Obsession is always lovely to write about.

    my poem


  7. I have been waiting for a prompt to fit a pic I took a few weeks ago! For some reason, the pic haunted me! Now, I have found the prompt.

    I have used Spirit of the Underdog!

    Underdog in a Bottle

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