Premiere Prompts:


Here are the first prompts from the ‘new’ Matinée Muse.
They are offered to inspire your creativity.

Perhaps you will write a poem, or a short story?
Maybe you’ll create a related artwork, or a photograph?

However you express yourself creatively, please create that expression, post it to your site, and link it here.


• • •

This week’s first Matinée Muse creativity prompt is:

“life in the shadows”

Inspired by the current film, ‘The Dark Knight’.


• • •

This week’s second Matinée Muse creativity prompt is:

“the spark of life”

Inspired by the classic 1982 film, ‘Blade Runner’.


• • •

Please share with us your poem, short story, artwork, photograph — or whatever you’ve been inspired to create.

Express yourself!

NOTE: to learn more about the film, click on its poster




23 Responses to “Premiere Prompts:”

  1. […] play on the “Dark Knight” prompt at matinee muse premiere […]

  2. wordrhapsody Says:


    i misread the prompts – but here they are anyway

  3. […] again from premiere prompts … i didn’t actually read it correctly – but i still enjoyed writing it […]

  4. This one goes with “spark of life”: Inside Fibonacci

  5. Thanks for starting up this site!

    Here’s my Dark Night contribution


  6. Thanks to Rob for inviting and leading me to this site.

    I just read his email and I was so excited for this.

    Here’s my entry for this week’s Matinée Muse creativity prompt:
    “life in the shadows” and “the spark of life.”

    Please click link below:

    I wish Rob and his son well for this inspiration.

    ~ Jeques

  7. a festival in our province can be appropriate on this prompt 😉

  8. I really love the idea of a creativity prompt, it feels so freeing. Here’s my take on life in the shadows:

  9. I am so happy to see this up and running. I miss writers island so much. Well for any of you who used to visit me at my blog titled Jadey’s in the house. I am back up and running. You can now access my new blog through this

    Thanks all and have a great day.

  10. First of all, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this site for all of us closet writers.

    Secondly, I went to see The Dark Knight this weekend. I just cannot say enough good things about this film, specifically, Heath Ledger. He SHOULD win the Academy Award, he was brilliant and put a good many formidable villains to shame. I never pay to see a movie twice, with this one, I’d pay over and over. It is a classic and I am just in complete awe.

    That being said, an Ode to Heath in his perfect execution of the Joker:
    My Dark Knight

  11. i think i put the wrong month. I’ll try again: My Dark Knight

  12. Nice to see this site up and running!

  13. Thank you so much for initiating this creative prompt website! Love it! Here is my response to Life in the Shadows.

    Dark Living

    photoshop fun with life in the shadows
    this is a neat idea!
    like father like son 😉

  15. It’s great you’re carrying on the torch. You’ll find mine in this post:

    Tony On Karadzic, Doom & More


  16. I created an art piece, and a trio of haiku, exclusively for the “life in the shadows” prompt. This is a personal comment directed at the gluttonous ‘big oil’ companies, and the unchecked human consumption of fossil fuel. This ensemble is entitled: Too Long in the Shadow.

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